11 Jun 2020

Which is better.. online or offline marketing?

Posted by Catherine

If you are a business owner then you will have to make decisions about how much you are going to spend on marketing and where exactly you invest your time and money. Marketing is split in to two main types, online and offline. Examples of online marketing are social media marketing, websites and Pay per Click ads. Offline marketing may include leaflet drops, door to door sales, newspaper adverts / billboard ads or cold calling.

Historically, everyone used to invest their marketing budgets in to offline avenues such as Yellow Pages, local newspapers and flyers / banners but now the market has shifted and companies are realising that offline marketing alone simply isn’t enough. The majority of the public now turn to the internet to find suppliers of products or services they want. If you do not advertise in this way you are missing out on a potentially huge amount of sales.

Both forms of marketing have their advantages, but online marketing is certainly a lot easier to track and allows you to change and tweak content and update regularly, which is often not possible in offline marketing. With online marketing you can often very quickly see results and are able to track exactly where your ads are working and where they are not by using a simple program such as Analytics.