25 Jun 2018

What is the difference between marketing and branding?

Posted by Catherine

Branding and marketing often get confused, as people think that it is the same thing when really it isn’t although the two are closely linked.

Branding is basically your whole company, everything from your logo and name to the uniforms your staff wear and messages and promises that you state you will deliver. Once you have a brand established you will need to promote it and this is where the marketing comes in.

You can opt to market your business and brand via a number of platforms online and offline. Social media has grown massively popular in recent years and can grow a brand literally over night with the instance reach that you have when it comes to communication with your followers.

Whatever form or forms of marketing you chose to do, be sure to track the results that you get from it as accurately as possible so you can then evaluate whether it is working for your brand or not.

A website is essential for any company that wants to market themselves. For a lot of people, the internet is their go to when looking for almost anything and if your business does not have a presence on there, then you may be missing out on a huge amount of business.


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