25 Nov 2018

What is a call to action?

Posted by Catherine

A call to action is a sentence or button that are usually displayed throughout websites to entice the viewer to complete an action. This may be to call the business, to make a purchase or to fill out a form for example. In order to improve your conversions and return on investments, you need to always have solid call to actions on your online marketing campaigns. The call to action may not always be about making a sale there and then, it may be a bit more subtle and lead them through your website in a certain way. Often people just put a click here to find out more link at the end of a statement or a video but this may not be the best call to action to use. You need to give people a reason why they should engage and then motivate them more to do so. You need to be telling people why they should. It may be that you have an offer on for a limited time, so rather than just stating click to add to your basket, you may put click here to buy saving you 20% for a limited time only. This gives the viewer more reasons to follow the call to actions.