8 Apr 2019

Using Webmaster Tools to improve your website

Posted by Catherine

Google is by far the leading search engine and although much of its algorithm that it uses when ranking sites is top secret, they do give us lots of tools and advice to try and help improve our websites and move up the listings.
Webmaster Tools is a free platform that you can use to keep track on your website performance, issues and tell Google of changes such as relocation of a site to a new domain. Despite this tool being free, still so many website owners do not use it and are missing on improvements that may make a huge difference to their site. You can add your site to a Webmaster Tools and will then need to authenticate it by choosing from a number of verification of options.
Once verified it will give you a whole host of information from visitor stats and rankings through to issues with content displaying on your site, broken links and robots.txt files blocking content. Here you can also submit a link to your site map which often helps get new content indexed quickly.
Working your way through any issues that are listed such as content wider than the screen, or duplicate content can really help your site soar up through the rankings.