10 Dec 2020

Use CRM to boost marketing

Posted by Catherine

Most forward-thinking companies aspire to develop positive relationships with their clients as this often leads to growth in sales and encourages customer loyalty. A CRM system or customer relationship management system helps to make a business marketing campaign more successful by using software that facilitates businesses to expand their customer sales and communication.

Basically, this system helps to centralise, improve and streamline the communications you have with your customers. Client information is kept on a secure database which is easily accessible if needed. The information on the database can be sorted into segmented lists allowing the targeting of specific clients with relevant marketing material and attractive offers and incentives.

The value of a CRM system to the business may also be seen by the way in which it helps to retain customers by reminding you to make contact with them if you have not had contact recently and by tracking their recent purchase history and satisfaction with the products or services they have received.

In order to comply with data privacy requirements, it is vitally important that the system has inbuilt GDPR related functionality. This will ensure that you are completely compliant with the appropriate legal regulations and have the relevant permissions in place.

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