8 Oct 2020

Quotations for web design projects

Posted by Catherine

As a web designer or developer, you will have to be able to quote accurately for projects which you undertake. Most clients need a pretty precise price for a new website or changes to their website before they can agree to the work being carried out especially if they need to check if they have the money within their budget to fund it.

Pricing is not always straight forward and you will need to get an in depth concept of exactly what is required on the website in order for you to work out a price. If the website is going to be similar to another website you have designed then you can take your experience from that one and work out how long it took you and so how much time it is likely to require. The issue comes when the website and has a number of complicated functions that will have to be written in from scratch or complex integrations with other systems. It can be hard to know exactly how long it is going to take to complete the job so pricing can become complex.

It is always advisable to slightly over estimate or put in a contingency budget in case it takes longer than expected.

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