26 Aug 2021

Promoting a charity event successfully online

Posted by Catherine

As the whole purpose of hosting a charity event is to raise funds for the charity in question it is vital that the charity event whether it is a charity ball, games night or auction is promoted effectively to encourage as many participants as possible to donate to the fund raising effort.

There are a number of ways that this promotion can be achieved. The traditional way of producing posters and flyers that can be distributed locally can still be effective but in the digital age in which we live a more efficient way to promote a charity event is through social media. An event page can easily be produced giving all the relevant information such as time and venue of the event, background information about the charity and cost of tickets. Encouraging visitors to like and share the charity event page is a good way to spread the word and hopefully get a good many participants.

Running an online competition is a valuable way to get people to share posts about the charity event. Often local businesses will be happy to donate products or services that can be offered as prizes which can act as an incentive for people to share news about the charity online.

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