16 Mar 2020

Marketing your online tutoring business

Posted by Catherine

Many parents who are concerned about their child’s progress at school turn to a tutor for help and advice. If you run a tutoring business for primary and or secondary aged children, it is essential to market your business as effectively as you can so that you reach as many people as possible.

The most straightforward way to market your business initially is to set up a social media business page. This should give potential clients an idea of the services you can provide such as the age group you can work to support, the curriculum subjects you could offer and the method you will use to deliver your services whether by one to one tutoring or by online tutorials.

It will be necessary to reassure your potential clients that you hold relevant qualifications and if you are tutoring children on a one to one basis that you ideally have a DBS certificate although this is not a legal requirement as often parents will be present or nearby during tutoring sessions.

Contact details and a guide to costs should be clearly visible so that parents can decide whether to use your services and how to make contact with you. If possible, ask current clients to leave reviews as this is a good way to promote your business.