17 Sep 2020

Marketing your business through Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by Catherine

This year has certainly been like no other. So many businesses have had to go through really tough times and unfortunately not all of them will make it out of the other side. With lock down and then even after reopening, tightened restrictions having to be put in place which often means allowing less customers in etc even the best-established businesses are suffering.

If you are going to get through these tough times then you need to think smart. As the money coming in starts to dry up you may be tempted to reduce or stop your marketing entirely. This should not be a decision you take lightly as stopping marketing altogether can mean that all the hard work that you have done previously starts to slip away.

Ideally you need to market yourself through this time so if for example you are able to trade but not in your usually way, find a new way in which you can trade and advertise it really well. IF you run a restaurant that cannot seat many people now due to the 2 meter rule then you may decide to also offer takeout. This can help boost your revenue. You will need to find a way of notifying your customers of your new service and often social media sites such as Facebook work really well for this.

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