26 Jul 2021

Make sure you are using your website as a marketing tool

Posted by Catherine

If you run a small business you may have limits to the amount you can spend on marketing. Having spent what can be a substantial sum on a business website, it is crucial that your website is effective as a way of promoting your company and bringing in as much new business as possible.

Firstly, when reviewing the effectiveness of your website you should consider whether your website is attracting visitors. If your site is well designed and professional looking it reflects your business and will, for some customers, be their first impression of you. It is important that the functionality of the site is good and that the links work well directing the customer to the relevant pages and the information they are looking for. Allocating some of your budget to search engine optimisation so that your website will rank higher on client searches is a valuable way to boost visibility. If it is possible to negotiate with other related businesses to have inbound and outbound links this will indicate that you are a useful resource, and it can help improve search engine results.

Customer testimonials are a popular way of promoting a business as they are often read by potential clients considering using your services. Many clients can be encouraged to leave reviews if they have been pleased with the products or services received.

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