26 Mar 2019

Keeping on top of your website

Posted by Catherine

Once your website has gone live, it can be easy to leave it and not make many changes to it. This is especially true for business that do not sell products or services that change. You may feel that you have everything you need on your site and don’t want to add information that is not really required, but leaving your site to go stale can be dangerous.

Not making changes to your site may mean you are missing out on technical advances within your industry that you should be including in your site such as online calculators but you can also finding yourself moving down the search engine rankings at a fast pace. 

Recovering from a loss in rankings can be tricky and can take a lot of time, meanwhile you could be missing out on a large any of potential customers.

You need to think of ways you can update your site regularly whilst not complicating the main pages. Often people add a news and events section or a blog to allow them to add fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. The more often you update your site the more the search engines will revisit it. Make sure any content you do add is unique and relevant.