19 Jul 2020

Is it important to hire a marketing expert to do your SEO work?

Posted by Catherine

If you have a website then you need to think carefully about all aspects of your marketing. One important part of your marketing is SEO.

SEO – search Engine Optimisation is vital to getting your website found on the search engine giants such as Google. There are many different elements to search engine optimisation all of which are important. The idea of SEO is to get the site to follow the algorithm that Google sets when ranking sites. If for example the algorithm says that the site needs to have a certain keyword density on several pages to get ranked high, then this is what you need to do on the site.  Many business owners think they know enough about SEO to give it a go but you do have to be very careful as if you make a mistake it can cost you drastically and take a long time to recover. You could even find that your site is removed from the search engine completely and this can take years to recover from.

For this reason alone, often it pays to hire an SEO expert or marketing company to help manage your online marketing for your website, as the money you invest should create more leads and sales.

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