18 Jan 2020

Improving conversions on your website

Posted by Catherine

When it comes to websites the first goal is getting people to your site whether that be through organic search, paid for listings or referrals from other sites. But once you start receiving traffic to your site you need to ensure that a large percentage of it is converting to sales or enquiries.

When analysing your website statistics, be sure to check your bounce rate, this is often shown as a percentage and reflects the number of people that have left the site prior to interacting with it.

You need to drill down a bit deeper into this to find out if there is a reason why. Look at the pages that people are leaving on. If one page has a really high bounce rate, then it may suggest that something is wrong with that page. If the page is linked to from paid for adverts, then maybe your ads are not relevant to the content on the page and make people leave.  

A high bounce rate can also be caused by your site taking too long to load, navigating round it is hard or that you are not offering what they are looking for. 

All pages should have clear call to actions, this may be a banner or link that prompts the visitor to do something i.e. request a sample, buy a product or enquire.

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