14 Aug 2018

How to get traffic to your blog

Posted by Catherine

People create blogs for a number of reasons. You may have a stand alone blog site or you may have a blog that is part of your website. Often people have a blog on to their website to allow them an easy way to add fresh, relevant content. The blog can often be used similarly to a news section and may be updated once or twice a week.

Other people have a blog in which the only reason for it is to promote the content within in. These type of blogs may be personal such as someone’s journey through a certain time in their life, or may be to review products that come on to the market and inform customers of relevant updates in the industry. With a stand alone blog you may need to work a little hard to get traffic to it. This can be done in a number of ways, but more and more people are using social media to promote their blog posts.

Facebook and Twitter allow you to post links to articles that are hosted elsewhere. You may ask a question on the social media site and ask people to follow the link to find out what happened or to read more information on a topic.


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