13 Feb 2020

How to convert traffic into sales

Posted by Catherine

When marketing companies talk about websites, you may hear them say about traffic vs conversions. This basically means the number of visitors to your site versus the conversions (a conversion can be anything from an enquiry through to a sale online) and is vital in establishing how well your website is performing.  

If you find that you are getting a lot of traffic through to the site, but not many of these are turning in to enquiries or sales, then you need to establish why that is.

There is no point having a thousand visitors to your site every day but not having any conversions, so it is worth investing a proportion of your marketing budget in to investigating this and monitoring conversion rates.  To find out the conversion rate of your website, you first need to find out how many visitors you have to your site in a set time period. This may require a bit of in depth research as some statistics packages give you different results so you will need to compare them and find to get as accurate result as possible.

Google Analytics is a widely used statistics package which also allows you to set up goals. These goals can be tailored to track conversions in a number of ways such as how many people complete an enquiry form or adding an item to the basket / checking out. It can even set to show a conversion when someone has been on your site for a number of minutes. Using this data will allow you to see your conversion rate and will also allow you to track where a conversion has come from such as an organic search, referral from another website or paid for ad.