5 May 2020

How important are images on your website?

Posted by Catherine

When you are browsing the internet whether it be to find information about something or whether you are looking to buy a product or service your first impression of the website you click on gives you a sense of the business and its professionalism therefore it is important as a web designer that you choose the right images on your home page that will convey your business brand.

When you are looking for photographs or images to use, care must be taken to only use images that are copyright free if you do not want to buy the right to use them. Some stock image sites charge a one-time fee whilst others charge for a single use or for a restricted time for some of their images. Look out for those that are in the public domain or those that have a creative commons license as these can be freely used.

Of course, it is acceptable to use your own images, and this is a good idea if you want to give your visitor an inside view into your business premises or meet your staff.

The overriding principles must be that the images are of a good quality and that they translate well if viewed on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.