17 Feb 2021

How do I best promote my new business in the Midlands?

Posted by Catherine

Setting up your own online business can be an exciting time as you try to find the most effective way of promoting it and gaining new customers in the Midlands all within the budget that you have set yourself.  It is worthwhile having a web presence either in the form of a website or a page on one of the social media platforms because this is usually the first port of call for potential customers.

Should you decide to create a website to promote your business you could either use one of the free applications that supply you with a template enabling you to design and create your own website or you can use the services of a web designer and developer. The former will give your website a more professional look and the latter will be able to ensure that the site contains key words that will improve the ranking of your site on search engines. If funds are tight initially then another option would be to concentrate on promoting your business through social media as the costs are minimal, and the maintenance is much easier.

A further way of promoting your new business in the Midlands is to look for local advertising websites that, for a subscription fee will list your business on their pages.

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