22 May 2018

Having too much movement on your website

Posted by Catherine

Over the last decade or so more and more businesses are incorporating movement I to their website. This may be by adding a scrolling ticker, adding a banner rotation to the site or even auto play videos. There can all be great ways to make your site look interactive and more modern, but is there a point where you can have too much movement on your site?

When something moves on your site, it automatically attracts the user’s eye. They will often glance at it to see if it is something of interest to them before they read further. For this reason, sales banners or Flash news articles may want a bit of movement to them but making too many elements on the page move at the same time can become confusing for the viewer.

Recent research shows that a larger percentage of the public find sites with too much movement hard to navigate round and too distracting.

If you are going to add movement to your site then don’t over do it and add it in a subtle way. Build on this gradually and always remember to seek feedback.