31 Jul 2018

Does your website show your branding?

Posted by Catherine

Branding is not all about logos and colour ways. Much of your branding comes from the ethos of the company and straplines etc. A brand is a way of making a business recognisable and instilling trust in your potential and existing customers.

There are many companies out there that can help you build up your brand but be aware that this is not going to happen over night. Often it takes a long time and a fair amount of investment to be able to build up a brand effectively.

If you have a website then you need to be sure that your website reiterates your branding. IF for example you want to brand yourself as a local family run business, does your website say this in an obvious way? Having it written on your “About us” page may not be enough, but adding some text in to calls to actions etc you may be able to easily get the message across.

Having a branding strategy will give you tasks to focus on and allow you to have a plan of action that you and other staff can follow. You can also then look back over the last few months and start to tick off objectives you have achieved and add new ones.