18 Sep 2018

Designing a website for a school

Posted by Catherine

If you have been asked to design a website for a school then you may find it is a bit different to designing on that is there to increase sales or attract enquiries. A school website is there to help parents get information they need for a child that already attends the school or for parents that are looking to send their child there. It needs to be built in such a way that information they need is really easy to find and it needs to reflect the ethos of the school.

Often on the home page it is nice to have a bit of text about the school and then a statement from the current head teacher. It is also a good idea to have staff photos on a school website as parents like to be able to put names to faces.

Schools often need to have a lot of policies on their website so it is important that these are included and can be found with ease. You may sort the policies in to folders but it is good to have a search facility on the website so that parents can quickly jump to the relevant section they need.