10 Aug 2020

Be aware of bad SEO techniques that could damage your marketing

Posted by Catherine

When it comes to SEO it can be very complex and it is important to fully understand what you are doing prior to starting. SEO has changed over the years and some techniques that used to be used (although even at the time were not great) should be avoided at all costs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very hard technique to master and no one ever does entirely, partly because it is so vast and much of it based on ideas and assumptions. The companies such as Google that decide where to rank sites, use an algorithm. This algorithm is top secret but they do often give handy tips and hints as to what they are looking for and what may have an effect on your rankings.  

Unfortunately, there are still some “Bad” or “Black hat” SEO techniques floating around that the not so savvy marketeer may be tempted to use. These techniques can not only have little or no effect on the actual rankings of a site but can even have a very detrimental effect on the rankings. If you get discovered using these techniques your site may well be seriously demoted or even removed completely from the listings.  If this happens, it can be very hard to recover from it and often it can take months and months to get a to be indexed again.

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