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30 Nov 2020

How to reach out to your customer during the Christmas period

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on How to reach out to your customer during the Christmas period

It is important as a business owner that you try and reach out to your customers during the festive period. Sending a simple Christmas card, whether that be physical or a virtual one, can go a long way and ensure that you stay at the forefront of their mind. If you want to go an extra step, why not send them a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates to say thank you for their continues support over the past 12 months. Although present giving may be a little bit harder this year, you could always give them a discount on their bill, especially if it is a small family run business for example, where they will reap the benefits.

Be sure to bear in mind that not all of your customers may share the same religious views and some may not celebrate Christmas, so keep your well wishes short and sweet.

Social media s a great place to spread the festive cheer. Why not do something like offer a different product at a discounted price each day throughout the month of December or send out an advent calendar with a discount code behind each window. These quirky little gifts can really go a long way.

8 Oct 2020

Quotations for web design projects

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Quotations for web design projects

As a web designer or developer, you will have to be able to quote accurately for projects which you undertake. Most clients need a pretty precise price for a new website or changes to their website before they can agree to the work being carried out especially if they need to check if they have the money within their budget to fund it.

Pricing is not always straight forward and you will need to get an in depth concept of exactly what is required on the website in order for you to work out a price. If the website is going to be similar to another website you have designed then you can take your experience from that one and work out how long it took you and so how much time it is likely to require. The issue comes when the website and has a number of complicated functions that will have to be written in from scratch or complex integrations with other systems. It can be hard to know exactly how long it is going to take to complete the job so pricing can become complex.

It is always advisable to slightly over estimate or put in a contingency budget in case it takes longer than expected.

17 Sep 2020

Marketing your business through Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Marketing your business through Covid-19 pandemic

This year has certainly been like no other. So many businesses have had to go through really tough times and unfortunately not all of them will make it out of the other side. With lock down and then even after reopening, tightened restrictions having to be put in place which often means allowing less customers in etc even the best-established businesses are suffering.

If you are going to get through these tough times then you need to think smart. As the money coming in starts to dry up you may be tempted to reduce or stop your marketing entirely. This should not be a decision you take lightly as stopping marketing altogether can mean that all the hard work that you have done previously starts to slip away.

Ideally you need to market yourself through this time so if for example you are able to trade but not in your usually way, find a new way in which you can trade and advertise it really well. IF you run a restaurant that cannot seat many people now due to the 2 meter rule then you may decide to also offer takeout. This can help boost your revenue. You will need to find a way of notifying your customers of your new service and often social media sites such as Facebook work really well for this.

10 Aug 2020

Be aware of bad SEO techniques that could damage your marketing

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Be aware of bad SEO techniques that could damage your marketing

When it comes to SEO it can be very complex and it is important to fully understand what you are doing prior to starting. SEO has changed over the years and some techniques that used to be used (although even at the time were not great) should be avoided at all costs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very hard technique to master and no one ever does entirely, partly because it is so vast and much of it based on ideas and assumptions. The companies such as Google that decide where to rank sites, use an algorithm. This algorithm is top secret but they do often give handy tips and hints as to what they are looking for and what may have an effect on your rankings.  

Unfortunately, there are still some “Bad” or “Black hat” SEO techniques floating around that the not so savvy marketeer may be tempted to use. These techniques can not only have little or no effect on the actual rankings of a site but can even have a very detrimental effect on the rankings. If you get discovered using these techniques your site may well be seriously demoted or even removed completely from the listings.  If this happens, it can be very hard to recover from it and often it can take months and months to get a to be indexed again.

19 Jul 2020

Is it important to hire a marketing expert to do your SEO work?

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Is it important to hire a marketing expert to do your SEO work?

If you have a website then you need to think carefully about all aspects of your marketing. One important part of your marketing is SEO.

SEO – search Engine Optimisation is vital to getting your website found on the search engine giants such as Google. There are many different elements to search engine optimisation all of which are important. The idea of SEO is to get the site to follow the algorithm that Google sets when ranking sites. If for example the algorithm says that the site needs to have a certain keyword density on several pages to get ranked high, then this is what you need to do on the site.  Many business owners think they know enough about SEO to give it a go but you do have to be very careful as if you make a mistake it can cost you drastically and take a long time to recover. You could even find that your site is removed from the search engine completely and this can take years to recover from.

For this reason alone, often it pays to hire an SEO expert or marketing company to help manage your online marketing for your website, as the money you invest should create more leads and sales.

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