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11 May 2021

Can videos boost your marketing drive?

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Can videos boost your marketing drive?

For years television advertising has been the key to promoting businesses to the general public, but it is a costly process that many companies may not be able to justify. In recent years with the growing number of social media platforms available to us there is a more cost-effective way of using video to stimulate business growth. It is a fact that video has become a regular feature in most successful marketing campaigns but how can they be used and what are the financial implications for the business?

It is essential that any business owner has a clear purpose for the videos that they may use on their website. It may be to show products or services more accurately to customers or as a way to give satisfied clients an opportunity to leave a video review. Dependant on the business you are in will determine the sort of video that you will need. In either case the most important thing to remember is that the video needs to capture the prospective client’s interest without being too long so that the customer does not leave the website without buying.

If you want to try out using videos on your website or social media there are many online applications that can provide you with the software to enable you to produce your own advertising videos without the need to employ someone.

16 Mar 2021

How can I market my holiday let effectively?

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on How can I market my holiday let effectively?

Advertising a holiday let is usually quite straightforward as there are many websites that will do this for you, but these third-party companies will charge a commission for doing this which can be quite costly so is there a better way of marketing your holiday let business that does not entail handing over some of your profits to another company?

Having your own website is one way of advertising your own holiday letting business. The custom-built site can use good quality gallery images to show potential customers the holiday property both inside and out and perhaps show some of the surrounding attractions that are within easy reach of the property. Commissioning a new website is not cheap so initially it may be better to use social media advertising as this is usually free.

If you set up a social media page for your holiday let you may be able to promote the business further by offering special offers or by running a competition where potential customers are entered into a price draw if they like and share the page. This has been shown to be a highly effective way of getting your business known and increasing the bookings of the holiday let property.

17 Feb 2021

How do I best promote my new business in the Midlands?

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on How do I best promote my new business in the Midlands?

Setting up your own online business can be an exciting time as you try to find the most effective way of promoting it and gaining new customers in the Midlands all within the budget that you have set yourself.  It is worthwhile having a web presence either in the form of a website or a page on one of the social media platforms because this is usually the first port of call for potential customers.

Should you decide to create a website to promote your business you could either use one of the free applications that supply you with a template enabling you to design and create your own website or you can use the services of a web designer and developer. The former will give your website a more professional look and the latter will be able to ensure that the site contains key words that will improve the ranking of your site on search engines. If funds are tight initially then another option would be to concentrate on promoting your business through social media as the costs are minimal, and the maintenance is much easier.

A further way of promoting your new business in the Midlands is to look for local advertising websites that, for a subscription fee will list your business on their pages.

10 Jan 2021

Digital marketing for beginners

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Digital marketing for beginners

Firstly, what is digital marketing and is it an effective strategy for a company wanting to promote their business?

Digital marketing is the advertising of products or brands using electronic devices or the internet. It may involve amongst others text or instant messaging, email, video, apps, digital television and radio. Many companies see it as crucial to their business success and millions of pounds are spent annually on this type of marketing.

Many retailers use digital marketing to see who their customers are and understand their shopping habits. This understanding in turn allows retailers to offer an increasingly individualised shopping experience for their customers, which leads to improved customer loyalty and an increase in sales.

Another sector that uses digital marketing successfully is the government departments in the UK. If the government want to inform the public about a change in the tax system or warn them about a health issue the digital marketing strategy that they use is vital to inform the general public and impart information that is relevant. This has recently been used effectively in the fight against the Corona virus as people have received text messages and TV and radio warnings about the prevalence of the disease and how to keep safe at this time.

10 Dec 2020

Use CRM to boost marketing

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Use CRM to boost marketing

Most forward-thinking companies aspire to develop positive relationships with their clients as this often leads to growth in sales and encourages customer loyalty. A CRM system or customer relationship management system helps to make a business marketing campaign more successful by using software that facilitates businesses to expand their customer sales and communication.

Basically, this system helps to centralise, improve and streamline the communications you have with your customers. Client information is kept on a secure database which is easily accessible if needed. The information on the database can be sorted into segmented lists allowing the targeting of specific clients with relevant marketing material and attractive offers and incentives.

The value of a CRM system to the business may also be seen by the way in which it helps to retain customers by reminding you to make contact with them if you have not had contact recently and by tracking their recent purchase history and satisfaction with the products or services they have received.

In order to comply with data privacy requirements, it is vitally important that the system has inbuilt GDPR related functionality. This will ensure that you are completely compliant with the appropriate legal regulations and have the relevant permissions in place.

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