15 Sep 2017

Mobile marketing options explained

Posted by Catherine

Mobile marketing is on the increase as more and more of us have smartphones and tablets. On average, we spend 3 hours a day on our phones and tablets, so it makes sense you use this as part of your marketing strategy. There are a number of ways in which you can do mobile marketing such as:

  • SMS – This is where you text your customers with a message such as notification of a new product going on sale or to ask them to enter in to a prize draw. The message should be short and possibly include a link to your website where they can read more. Always make sure that you have the consent from all the people you message to and give them the option to opt out
  • Advertising through your own or someone else’s app – you can chose to have a banner advert on your app or on someone else’s app. These adverts are sometimes displayed across the top or bottom of the screen or may be shown as the user progresses through the app. They are usually shown on a timed basis and you can usually chose how often you want your ad to appear.


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