28 Jun 2021

Mobile marketing for beginners

Posted by Catherine

Mobile marketing is a marketing approach that involves brands and businesses using a range of techniques to promote their business, brand, product, or service directly to mobile users. Previously when mobile devices had limited users, mobile marketing was limited to SMS, and later MMS, but as the technology has developed, and the use of mobile phones has grown, this has expanded to include email, mobile websites, voice-calls, and more recently, mobile apps, social media, and chat apps. We have also shifted from using mobile phones with a narrow set of features, to using smartphones that are capable of much more with each update, and by the addition of tablet devices and smart watches.

Perhaps the main reason for all businesses to consider mobile marketing is the fact that it offers multiple channels for reaching customers. One device, but more than one way to reach potential clients and market your business to them. In addition to being able to send out marketing text messages, you can use a mobile app with push notifications, create a responsive website, benefit from local searches, use email marketing and use social media platforms. As the majority of us look at our mobile device multiple times during the day this way of marketing is bound to produce results.

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