28 Apr 2015

Google algorithm updates regarding mobile sites

Posted by Catherine

google-76517_640Google is the leading search engine company and the largest in the world and there are over 3.5 billion searches done on Google throughout the day. Companies are often competing to gain the top places on the search results pages for their main keywords and this can be a hard and lengthy task.

Google has an algorithm in place that it uses to enable it to rank websites. This algorithm is kept top secret allow they do give us hints and tips as to what they are looking for. Google has recently announced that as of the end of April 2015 they will start to check if a website is mobile friendly and use this to help rank the site. If your website is not mobile friendly then you may find your website swiftly moving down the listings on Google. To avoid this make sure that you speak to your web programmer and check that your site is mobile compatible and if not, update it as soon as possible.

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