16 Apr 2018

When should you update your banners on your website?

Posted by Catherine

Many businesses use banners across the main pages of their website. These are often the first things a visitor sees when landing on the site and can have a lot of impact if done correctly. Some businesses have quite static banners that rarely get updated. These banners may show the business premises, members of staff or statements about the company or their products and services. These banners over time may become ignored if viewers notice that they do not change but it can also give reassurance to first-time visitors as they may be able to learn more about the business i.e how many employees you have, where you are based etc.

Banner placements can often be great for advertising sales that you may have coming up, the launch of a new product or news that you want to share. It is often a good idea to create a bank of images to use and rotate them from time to time to show that they are being updated.

Ideally, you should have the banners created by a designer and always make sure you use good quality images as poor images can give visitors the opinion that your products and service may be of poor quality which will often lead to them going elsewhere.


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