5 Mar 2018

What is an infographic and what is it used for?

Posted by Catherine

If you are delving into the world of digital marketing then you may come across the term infographic. An infographic is a graphic that represents information and is often used on websites or social media sites when you want to get a message across in an interesting way rather than just having paragraphs of text.

The old saying “ a picture speaks a thousand words” is still true and many people prefer to see something visually rather than read about it. They can improve cognition by utilising graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. It may be that you have data that you want to show in a graph or a pie chart. This will allow the visitors to instantly be able to spot an obvious trend.

We often get inundated with information through our emails, through websites and social media and we all try to collate that information into bite-sized pieces we can process. With the world running at such a fast pace, not many of us have the tie to read through pages and pages on content to decide if it is of interest to us, but we may have the time to quickly browse at an infographic to get some quick information then allowing us to read on if we feel it is relevant.


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