11 Aug 2017

Offline advertisements – how to do it

Posted by Catherine

Many companies are moving away from offline marketing and concentrating all their efforts on online marketing, but there is still a place for the tradition forms of advertising such as leaflets and billboards.

When thinking about offline advertising you need to work out how much space and time you have to communicate your message. If for example you are thinking of creating a static billboard advertisement then you will probably only have a few seconds to capture someone’s interest as they are usually placed on motorways etc. Even just having your logo and a short slogan can be enough to grab someone’s interest. Some people combined the offline marketing with the online marketing so they may have their logo and hashtag their company name, allowing you to search and share information on social media sites, or their social media name for you to search and find out more about them.

Unlike with many online advertisements, when doing print work it is essential to make sure it is right first time as spelling mistakes, incorrect contact details or information cannot be altered without incurring additional costs for reprinting.


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