17 Oct 2019

How to target your clients in the 21st century

Posted by Catherine

Over the last 20 years a lot has changed in the marketing industry. Years ago, if a company wanted to drum up more business they would often try and do a lot of cold calling on the phone or door to door sales. This was not only very time consuming but also often had low conversion rates. You often need to call a lot of people who simply were not interested to be able to find that one that was. Doing marketing this way also meant that if you did win a sale or a contract for work you simply did not have the time to carry on with your marketing at the same time, so the flow of work was often very slow.

As the internet grew in popularity and SEO, paid for ads and social media became more popular, it was easier and quicker to be able to target people. Rather than making the same call time and time again, you could draft one email and send it out to thousands of people in the touch of a button. The conversion rates could also be improved by spending s a little bit of time to personalise the mailings that you were sending out and by tailoring them to be more specific to that group of people. Marketing is all about finding out your target audience and ensuring you are communicating with them using the correct channels.

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