20 Apr 2017

Does email marketing really work?

Posted by Catherine

There are often many debates regarding email marketing and if it actually works. The truth is that for many businesses it works extremely well and that is why they continue to invest heavily in it as part of their online marketing. Companies such as Asda, Mothercare and Smyths toy store get a lot of business out of their email marketing and therefore it is definitely worth while them sending them out. Once the email is created there is often not a huge cost involved in sending it out although you do need to ensure that it is sent from a reputable server so it doesn’t automatically go in to everyone’s junk box and that the server is set up to be able to manage the number of emails that are need to be sent.  With many of us picking up emails on our mobile phones, email has become a quick way to get in touch with someone, no longer having to wait for them to log in to their account on a PC to check their emails.

To get the best out of your email marketing you need to make sure that your data is up to date, email addresses are correct and ideally that you have the recipient’s name as if you can personalise the email then you have a better chance of getting it read.