10 Jan 2021

Digital marketing for beginners

Posted by Catherine

Firstly, what is digital marketing and is it an effective strategy for a company wanting to promote their business?

Digital marketing is the advertising of products or brands using electronic devices or the internet. It may involve amongst others text or instant messaging, email, video, apps, digital television and radio. Many companies see it as crucial to their business success and millions of pounds are spent annually on this type of marketing.

Many retailers use digital marketing to see who their customers are and understand their shopping habits. This understanding in turn allows retailers to offer an increasingly individualised shopping experience for their customers, which leads to improved customer loyalty and an increase in sales.

Another sector that uses digital marketing successfully is the government departments in the UK. If the government want to inform the public about a change in the tax system or warn them about a health issue the digital marketing strategy that they use is vital to inform the general public and impart information that is relevant. This has recently been used effectively in the fight against the Corona virus as people have received text messages and TV and radio warnings about the prevalence of the disease and how to keep safe at this time.

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