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13 Sep 2021

Buying images to use on your website or in other marketing material

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Buying images to use on your website or in other marketing material

Having good quality images is a must when it comes to creating a website or printing marketing material. Some businesses hire in a photographer for the day and get him or her to take a number of different images that can be used on various platforms. This can ensure that you get the royalties to use the images and that you get exactly what you need. Also, it means that your website will only show images that relate to your business and not generic images that may appear on other sites.

If you do not want to get a photographer in, maybe you don’t have anything for them to photo or you only need one or two images, you may decide to buy them. There are a number of laces in which you can buy stock images and they all vary in price. Many of them companies that sell stock images allow you to download a copy of the image with a watermark over it for you to check it is what you want. You may even be able to put these into a web design to see exactly how it will look prior to committing to purchasing it.

26 Aug 2021

Promoting a charity event successfully online

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Promoting a charity event successfully online

As the whole purpose of hosting a charity event is to raise funds for the charity in question it is vital that the charity event whether it is a charity ball, games night or auction is promoted effectively to encourage as many participants as possible to donate to the fund raising effort.

There are a number of ways that this promotion can be achieved. The traditional way of producing posters and flyers that can be distributed locally can still be effective but in the digital age in which we live a more efficient way to promote a charity event is through social media. An event page can easily be produced giving all the relevant information such as time and venue of the event, background information about the charity and cost of tickets. Encouraging visitors to like and share the charity event page is a good way to spread the word and hopefully get a good many participants.

Running an online competition is a valuable way to get people to share posts about the charity event. Often local businesses will be happy to donate products or services that can be offered as prizes which can act as an incentive for people to share news about the charity online.

26 Jul 2021

Make sure you are using your website as a marketing tool

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Make sure you are using your website as a marketing tool

If you run a small business you may have limits to the amount you can spend on marketing. Having spent what can be a substantial sum on a business website, it is crucial that your website is effective as a way of promoting your company and bringing in as much new business as possible.

Firstly, when reviewing the effectiveness of your website you should consider whether your website is attracting visitors. If your site is well designed and professional looking it reflects your business and will, for some customers, be their first impression of you. It is important that the functionality of the site is good and that the links work well directing the customer to the relevant pages and the information they are looking for. Allocating some of your budget to search engine optimisation so that your website will rank higher on client searches is a valuable way to boost visibility. If it is possible to negotiate with other related businesses to have inbound and outbound links this will indicate that you are a useful resource, and it can help improve search engine results.

Customer testimonials are a popular way of promoting a business as they are often read by potential clients considering using your services. Many clients can be encouraged to leave reviews if they have been pleased with the products or services received.

28 Jun 2021

Mobile marketing for beginners

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Mobile marketing for beginners

Mobile marketing is a marketing approach that involves brands and businesses using a range of techniques to promote their business, brand, product, or service directly to mobile users. Previously when mobile devices had limited users, mobile marketing was limited to SMS, and later MMS, but as the technology has developed, and the use of mobile phones has grown, this has expanded to include email, mobile websites, voice-calls, and more recently, mobile apps, social media, and chat apps. We have also shifted from using mobile phones with a narrow set of features, to using smartphones that are capable of much more with each update, and by the addition of tablet devices and smart watches.

Perhaps the main reason for all businesses to consider mobile marketing is the fact that it offers multiple channels for reaching customers. One device, but more than one way to reach potential clients and market your business to them. In addition to being able to send out marketing text messages, you can use a mobile app with push notifications, create a responsive website, benefit from local searches, use email marketing and use social media platforms. As the majority of us look at our mobile device multiple times during the day this way of marketing is bound to produce results.

11 May 2021

Can videos boost your marketing drive?

Posted by Catherine. Comments Off on Can videos boost your marketing drive?

For years television advertising has been the key to promoting businesses to the general public, but it is a costly process that many companies may not be able to justify. In recent years with the growing number of social media platforms available to us there is a more cost-effective way of using video to stimulate business growth. It is a fact that video has become a regular feature in most successful marketing campaigns but how can they be used and what are the financial implications for the business?

It is essential that any business owner has a clear purpose for the videos that they may use on their website. It may be to show products or services more accurately to customers or as a way to give satisfied clients an opportunity to leave a video review. Dependant on the business you are in will determine the sort of video that you will need. In either case the most important thing to remember is that the video needs to capture the prospective client’s interest without being too long so that the customer does not leave the website without buying.

If you want to try out using videos on your website or social media there are many online applications that can provide you with the software to enable you to produce your own advertising videos without the need to employ someone.

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